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Hopkin Skate - Issue #2


Hopkin Skate

June 23 · Issue #2 · View online

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Australia has picked its first Downhill racing team to represent the country at the Barcelona World Roller Games. It starts in a few weeks, and Jackson Shapiera is on the team. We have been a long time supporter of Jacko, and for this trip, so can you. Jacko has a fund raiser to help him get to Barcelona without coming home to heaps of debt. Anything you can spare, it goes to a very good cause. The link is or see below
Jacko repping Oz at the 2019 World Roller Games
New products
New Sector 9 products are on pre-book for skateshops. You’ll see new gear arriving in September and October. We’ll be adding boards this week so you can be the first to skate the new releases.
One of the interesting new ranges is the Lumiskate series. Basically glow in the dark skateboards. They look like a lot of fun.
The board I’m buying to skate on from this range…
Hopkin Skate on Instagram: “VV combi mini cruiser Sector 9 is making this year @allaircooled_life #aircooled #vwcombi #combi #skateboard”
On Sale
Cuei Killer wheels are all in stock and on special!! Over 30% off for a limited time
$85 a set
$85 a set
We have added a new version of the Hopkin Split mini, with clear blue wheels and we have also put the series on sale. You can get a new clear blue split mini for $149 and the regular version is just $125!
This week's favourite videos
[non skate] This video was created not with digital special effects but with images stuck on records, then video’d while spun on a record player.
Said The Whale - "Record Shop" [Official Video]
Jack X Meyn - Go Skate Day video
Happy Go Skateboarding Day from... - Brandon DesJarlais | Facebook
I wrote an article on Skatehorde about the SYCLD competition, and I found this skater and her vlog. Her name is Alina Ruess, there has been only one vlog episode, her trip to Netherlands, the dance competition, and getting a new deck. Even if you are not into dance/freestyle, you’ll enjoy this video, no matter how different we skate, we are very much the same.
A bit more of Alina on Instagram…
Moonshine MFG on Instagram: “Sunshine, chill tunes, and buttery smooth lines. @lina_ruess knows the vibezzzz. ☀️🛹 #moonshinemfg #infuser #longboarddancing…”
What we have been reading
Charlie Don’t Skate (CDS) was an OG skateboard forum. A cross between Skull n Bones forum and Silverfish Longboarding. The Australian skateboard racing scene was born in Charlie, and so was ASRA and Newtons.
When skaters went to ASRA forum and then Facebook, Charlie died and I have kept the site running for historical purposes, and there is a heap of good content in there. I found a bit of time, it has been on my list of things to do, to update Charlie. So Charlie’s forum code got updated, and then I migrated the whole thing to a new platform called Discourse. It is a modern forum software, and very easy to use and get involved. Check it out, my hope is slowly we can build a community that is not inside Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I like using Facebook, it is easy and everyone is connected. However Facebook decides who sees what you write and share, and Facebook is restricted. Young skaters do not have access to Facebook, and Facebook is focused on the NOW, so they make it hard to search old content. In a way, there is a good argument to start using forums again.
Charlie is back, and you can make it into whatever you want!
Charlie Dont Skate - Whatever the type of skating you are into, you will find people that share your passion
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